About us
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The By the Bridge Fostering Team

People are at the heart of everything that By the Bridge is about. Our teams are made up of brilliant people, Foster Parents and staff alike.


Many of our staff team have fostered too, so we know exactly what it’s like.  


Our teams are all carefully selected and dedicated to their work, always going the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that our families, children and colleagues have what they need to do a good job.


Our Foster Parents represent a vast range of backgrounds and work and life experience. 


In addition to fostering, our staff team includes expertise from the fields of social work, psychotherapy, residential therapeutic childcare, psychology and teaching.


We have a qualified and experienced Social Work teams in each local branch enabling us to deliver an outstanding local service to children and Foster Parents.


These teams are complimented by designated Education Advisors, Therapists and skilled Administrative staff who all extend a warm, friendly welcome.


We believe that everyone is equal, no matter what their positon, and this makes for very positive relationships between staff and Foster Parents. Together, we ensure that every child’s circumstances may benefit from our collective wealth of knowledge and expertise.


We’ve learned that amazing outcomes and inspiring change is best achieved together.


What we say

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"At By the Bridge with Cambian we live and breathe fostering and we are at our core a fostering organisation with many of our staff having direct fostering experience.

We work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of what we provide to children is everything they deserve. Our unique fostering model and our constant focus on improving the lives of children in care allows us to continually evolve and develop our services for children.

The dedication of our foster parents and staff and the high expectation we have for our children, ensures that we can make a difference to children’s lives."

Jo August Operations Director