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Joanne and Dave's Fostering Story

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Joanne and Dave live in Staffordshire; they have been approved as foster parents since 2011. They have three children of their own aged between 5 and 14. All three welcome young people or mothers with babies who join their family.  Joanne believes that fostering is the best lifestyle decision they have ever made. 


Joanne and Dave specialise in caring for parents placed with their baby or child, and also older teenagers. This is the type of work they prefer to do as they find it fits best with their family. 

Fostering is the best lifestyle decision they have ever made

The family has done an amazing job caring for two mothers with babies who were all placed at the same time and who needed help and support to develop their parenting skills. 


A mature adult mother was placed with Joanne and Dave. This was her only chance to be assessed in a supportive environment with a view to being able to keep her baby. Joanne has worked with this mother in building her skills, confidence and self esteem to a level that has enabled her to leave foster care and move into the community with her baby. 


The second mother and baby have needed extra care and support due to the mother’s age. Joanne has been vigilant but has kept focused on the young mum’s needs. Due to Joanne’s consistent care this baby is still with his mother in Joanne and Dave’s home, but the full care is now being undertaken by the young mum herself. 


Joanne and Dave ensure that each young person has opportunities to grow in confidence and to try out new activities. The family work very well with By the Bridge staff and have managed challenging situations in a professional manner. Joanne is always at hand to provide a warming hot chocolate and a listening ear to a young person when ever needed. 


Joanne and Dave are very therapeutic in their approach and will research information to ensure they are working in the best way for a particular young person.


Joanne is a great advocate for fostering and for other foster parents; she is an active member of By the Bridge’s Foster Parent Consultancy Group. 


Joanne has recently begun to study for her Certificate in Therapeutic Fostering, we are very proud of her and we are sure that she will do really well!



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