UK 'not on track to end Child Poverty by 2020'

UK 'not on track to end Child Poverty by 2020' image

The number of children classed as living in relative poverty is 2.3 million, the lowest level since the 1980s, official Government figures show.

New figures from the Department for Work and Pensions showed that the percentage of children in relative and absolute poverty was unchanged.

Alan Milburn, the chairman of the child poverty and social mobility commission, said it was positive that the figures suggested child poverty was not rising, but that the UK was “not on track to eradicate it by 2020”.

“Far more needs to be done to make sure that the poorest families share in the proceeds of economic growth,” he said. “Two in three children in poverty have at least one parent in work. A key priority must therefore be tackling in-work poverty.”

Campaigners said that whilst the overall number of children in poverty had not increased under the new figures, levels of poverty were deepening for those who are already worst off.