Trampolines, Horses and Life Skills

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February half-term proved a busy one for Thames Valley region that held emotional and sexual health workshops, young people forum followed by ‘Go Jump In’ and the chance to join the Windsor Horse Rangers for a day!


The foster children and staff had great fun at ‘Go Jump In’ which is a huge trampoline place full of trampolines and sponge rock pits; the children enjoyed jumping from one thing to another. On the same day we also took the opportunity to hold our young people forum, giving young people a chance to share their experience of being fostered and tell us how we could improve our service.


On Friday we had a Windsor Horse Rangers Day where our young people got to learn the basics around caring for your horse and learn to muck out, saddle up and ride the horse they were allocated for the day. This includes a horse given to Windsor Horse Rangers by the Queen called Trumpeter, shortened to ‘Peter’. The children gained certificates for looking after the horses for a day. 

What our Foster Children say

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“By the Bridge makes me feel special just by helping me, making me feel wanted and appreciated”

Young Person