T and D go from poor attendance to 100% attendance at school


Well done to T and D, since moving in with their foster parents they have started a new school and gone from poor attendance to 100% attendance and their grades have improved.


Leah Pert, Social Worker said:


“Our foster parents have supported the foster children with settling into a new school by arranging introductory visits. They also organised the teacher they had made a strong attachment with from the previous school to stay in touch through letters following their move and the teacher also visited the new school with T and D.


“T and D were placed with our foster parents on an emergency basis and had poor school attendance. The foster parents have made a huge difference to T and D. They have really encouraged them to have a routine and put boundaries in place. They have shown a real interest in their education. The foster parent’s encouragement has improved both boys education. They have 100% attendance now and their school grades have improvement. The children both attend after school clubs are supported with homework by their foster parents. They have made lots of friends at their new school some of whom live local to them.”