Suzy Lamplugh Trust deliver two day workshop


During the Easter break 13 young people from the South East region attended a personal safety workshop run by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is a charity that has been helping people to lead safer lives for over 29 years. Their vision is a society in which people are able to reduce their risk of experiencing violence and aggression. They are working towards this through campaigning, educating and supporting people to reduce their risk, by doing things like personal safety workshops.

Lisa Moreno, Education Advisor and Get-a-Lifestyle Consultant said:

“The workshop was amazing and enjoyed by all of the 13 young people who attended. Both days were informative, well planned and had all of the young people engaged from start to finish. Subjects covered included ‘What is personal safety?’, stalking, social media and the dangers, how we can keep ourselves safe in different scenarios and who can help if you think you may be being stalked.

“We were so impressed by the two day workshop. Young people received a certificate, personal safety beep alarm, £20 “Love to Shop” voucher each and as a group they will be awarded £100 to promote personal safety to other young people within By the Bridge with Cambian.

“Young people had to come up with some ideas as to how they could share the information they have learnt and then all vote for their favourite idea. The winning idea was for the group to arrange a quiz night. They plan to use the £100 for prizes and food for the event. They had some fantastic ideas. We will be discussing this further at the next young person forum and they will then prepare a presentation to show Kayleigh from Suzy Lamplugh Trust, before she contributes the  money.

“The whole experience was so fantastic. We even received a text message from one of our young people saying how much she had enjoyed it and had learnt a lot from it and is now so much more aware of her own safety.”

To find out more about Suzy Lamplugh Trust visit their website.