Get-a-Lifestyle and 'Aim High' in the North West

Get-a-Lifestyle and 'Aim High' in the North West image

In February half-term we held several events in By the Bridge North West including a Get-a-Lifestyle workshop on Drugs, alcohol and healthy living and the opportunity for young people in year 9 and 11 to attend an event at Liverpool University.


Emma Hardiman, Education Advisor and Get-a-Lifestyle Consultant said:


“We ran a Get-a-Lifestyle workshop that covered drugs, alcohol and healthy living. For the workshop we had a guest speaker who spoke openly about the effects of legal highs, as she had first-hand experience within her family about how this can have devastating consequences.


“Also we joined in with the Liverpool University foster family event for our young people who are in year 9 and 11 to encourage them to ‘Aim High’ and have some insight into university life.” 


“H has been with By the Bridge since March 2012. Before coming to By the Bridge’s care, her school attendance was below 50%. Since H joined, her attendance rose to 98.8%. H is now at college completing three A levels.”

By the Bridge Case Study

"F came to By the Bridge from a residential placement. He had a full statement of special educational needs and attended a special school. F worked hard and was able to attend a mainstream school for 4 days a week, whilst attending the special school for 1 day. Early in year 11, F asked if his statement could be revoked, which was approved. He went on to achieve 10 GCSEs which included 5 A* – C’s including English and Mathematics. F is now successfully attending college and has aspirations of going to university in the future"

By the Bridge Case study