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Fostering in the General Election


With over 680,000 looked after children in the care system in the UK, it is paramount that the next government provides appropriate support for these children and their foster parents.

Fostering Network spoke with all the major UK-wide political parties taking part in the upcoming general election about the future of fostering. Two parties had direct proposals in their manifestos, The Green Party and Liberal Democrats.

The Green Party stated in their manifesto that they would provide “more for young people who have no family; a basic first step would be to pay foster carers a salary, costing about £0.9 billion a year."

The Liberal Democrats have declared that they would “tackle delay and instability in foster care, with better support and training for foster carers, including on mental health issues”

Vicki Swain, campaigns manager at The Fostering Network, said: “We are heartened that fostering has found a place in these two party manifestos. They set out a vision for the future and show where priorities lie”

The Fostering Network has also published their own manifesto for the future of fostering. 

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