B and R's trip to Lapland

B and R's Trip to Lapland image

B, foster child in the Yorkshire region has written us a short piece on her trip to Lapland this Christmas.

Day 1

“When we got there and got off the plane we waited for our suitcases. While D were waiting for them to come round me, R, L, N and A all stroked a reindeer which was waiting outside the airport. When we got all of our cases we go to the coach all 11 of our family. On the way to our hotel we sang Christmas songs and listened to jokes also we looked for animals that didn't live in England but they lived in LapLand.

“When we got of the coach near our hotel we had to get all of our special suites, boots, socks and gloves these were to protect us from the snow. After we got all of our stuff we got back on the coach and set off to our hotels. After we got of the coach we had to get our keys to our hotel room. Then we had to try everything on to make sure that everything that they gave use fit us right.

“After we did this we had to go downstairs for a meeting. This meeting was about where things are and when they checked that everything fitted us right. All the children went outside the room to play some games while the adults listened to what had been said to them. After we had the meeting Me, V, D, R, L, N ,J and N went on the longest and biggest sledging hill in Europe. Then we all went to have some tea and then we all went up to bed because we were all so tired from the long and tiring day we all had.”

Day2-Christmas day

“We all woke up and got dressed then went down for breakfast. After new had our breakfast we had to wait for the coach to came and pick us up. When we got to where we was going we had to get shown were the meeting place is. Then we spent the whole day doing fun and exciting stuff. First we went on the sledging hill and went on the skidoe's(these are mini snow mobiles) then we went on a husky ride through the woods D was controlling the dogs but he didn't do a very good job at it so we had to help him. After we did this we went in the hall to have dinner. After we had our dinner we went on a reindeer ride through the woods we had to find Santa in his cabin we found him and the elves took a picture of me, R, V and D with him but the cheeky elves took a picture of themselves as well.

“Then we went on another reindeer ride and we went to the igloo area where it was amazing, because they had a bar made out of ice in a igloo. And in the other igloo it as like the northern lights was inside it. Outside both igloos there was a slide which had also been made out of ice.

“Then we went in to the tent for a hot drink and some pancakes.”


“We all woke up got dressed and went down to have breakfast. After we had our delicious breakfast all 11 of us went down to the Toboggan run. We went to the middle bit and then we went to the highest part of it. The best bit of the Toboggan run is at the very top because you go very fast and it's a lot higher up from where most people go. When you start from here you have Ito be careful because there's slopes were you can easily go down and this is where all the skiers go to ski.

“Then we went to the Taboggan run and we were all racing each other down the hill. After we got bored we went to build a snow frog. When we went into the deep snow and we didn't realise how deep it was it went up to our knees all the snow. After we did this we went back to the hotel for some dinner. After we had our dinner we went into some of the Souvenir shops looking for something to take back home with us to remind us of Lapland. Then we went back to our restaurant and had a sauna then we had a shower then went down to tea. After we had our tea we went back to our hotel and went to bed. Then at 11 at night we all went outside in our pj's and snow boots to see the northern lights they were amazing it was a really good show of green in the sky”

Day 4

“We woke up got dressed went down for breakfast went back down to the hotel hot our suitcases then went fine to the restaurant to wait for our coach to pick us up and take s to the Airport to take us back home.”